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LiveMobile was founded in 2012 after the rebranding of MM Technology Ltd which was established in 2011. Our mission is simple. Create the most accessible, secure controls for smartphones and tablets. We work with some of the biggest network operators and resellers in the world to deliver carrier grade mobile device security and control solutions. As a company we are made stronger by our customers, shareholders, investors and business partners, who combined, give us the encouragement to continue to create breakthrough mobile solutions.


Our current products are MobileMinder and Mobile Secure, white-labelled parental control for smartphones and tablets and a personal mobile security app. Our products can be customised, from our robust feature set, to meet any requirements you may have. In addition, our commercial and customer satisfaction teams will provide you with everything you need to go to market including training documentation, multi-language support and more.

Our Solutions


Protect your child with our MobileMinder application.

Mobile Secure

Protect your smartphone with our mobile security solution.

Increase Bottom Line

Existing relationships between operators and their customers create the opportunity for operator branded safety and security solutions to be sold to customers further increasing ARPUs and overall bottom line revenues.

Reduce Churn

Customers who receive the services they expect and need from their operators are more likely to remain satisfied and loyal. Smartphone subscribers will need smart solutions; for both their children and themselves.

Increase Market Share

The global market for added value services and incremental smart solutions is emerging rapidly and subscribers are demanding more from their mobile network both for their families and themselves.

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